Christmas Card With Snowflake Motif and Flourishes

Project Description:

This Christmas card features a snowflake motif combined with several different patterned papers. The flourishes are printed on a transparency / overlay which is then added overtop of part of the design.

The greeting on the card front says “May your season be bright,” which is a non-specific holiday-themed greeting that could be sent to just about anyone. However, you can choose any sentiment at all to stamp on your own card, so you can get more “Christmas-y” with the greeting if you prefer. Or you could take it in an entirely different direction by stamping “Thank You” or “Happy Birthday” instead.

Snowflake Christmas Card With Holiday Greeting

Supplies Needed to Make This Card:

  • Clear acrylic star shape — The star shape in my sample is a page from a Clear Scraps acrylic mini scrapbook album.
  • Paper scraps — I used scrap papers left over after a session of cutting out papers using various shapes for templates, as described at Most of these scrapbooking papers are by Moxxie.
  • A clear acetate transparency / overlay
  • Adhesive
  • Paint markers
  • Scissors and paper trimmer
  • Strathmore bristol board and cardstock
  • A scoring tool
  • Ribbon
  • A sentiment stamp and stamping ink — I used a stamp by Studio G in the sample card.
  • Pencil

Card-Making Instructions:

Make your card base using Bristol board; fold it in half using the scoring tool.

Attach various patterned papers and part of the transparency to the card base in a pleasing arrangement using adhesive.

Flip a piece of patterned paper onto the back and trace around the snowflake shape using pencil. Cut the shape out and attach it to the card base using adhesive.

Outline around the outside edges of the clear acrylic snowflake shape with paint marker.

Tie ribbon into a bow around one of the snowflake “arms”.

Attach the snowflake shape to the card using adhesive.

Stamp the greeting, cut it out and attach it to the card.

Outline the outer edges of the card with either ink or marker.

If you’re ready to give the card to someone, be sure to fill in the inside with a note or greeting. Otherwise you can add it to your card stash and keep it until you need it.

Here’s hoping the recipient will enjoy it!

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