Flower Arrangements Can Be More Frugal Than You’d Think

A Cheerful, Colorful Flower Arrangement Featuring a Sunflower
A Cheerful, Colorful Flower Arrangement Featuring a Sunflower

If you either

  • Grow your own flowers, or
  • Buy your flowers at the dollar store,

You can use them to create exceptionally frugal flower arrangements that are every bit as colorful and beautiful as the designs you’d buy from a florist. It takes a little creativity and ingenuity to bring them to life — but don’t worry, we have free instructions to share with you.

This pretty sunflower arrangement is made with a single silk flower stem. It’s easy to make, and doesn’t cost much at all, since the supplies for making it were purchased at the dollar store.

Someone with a bit more experience at flower arranging could use a real sunflower in this sort of design. The sunflowers are blooming right now, so if you have any growing in your garden or yard, be sure to take advantage of them.

Happy crafting!

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