A Free Baby Beanie Pattern to Crochet Using the Back Loops

DIY Baby Beanie Free Crochet Pattern
You can crochet this easy baby beanie by working through the back loops of your stitches. This technique creates the interesting ribbed texture you see in the picture. Click here to get the free crochet baby hat pattern at KnittingandCrochet.net.

Correctly-formed crochet stitches all have components known as “loops”. There are front loops, and there are back loops. You can crochet into these loops in different patterns, a process that can be really interesting to experiment with.

Back loop single crochet stitch is one of the easiest examples of a stitch you can crochet using the back loops. There are many other stitches you can create as well.

If you’d like to learn how to do the back loop single crochet stitch, or try an easy project using this stitch, I recommend this easy ribbed crochet baby beanie pattern for beginners. It’s a quick project that will get you plenty of practice at crocheting through the back loops — plus you’ll end up with a useful project that you can give as a baby shower gift or keep for a little one in your own family.

Crochet a Wreath Ornament for Christmas

You Can Crochet This Wreath Ornament for Christmas Using a Free Pattern From KnittingandCrochet.net.
You Can Crochet This Wreath Ornament for Christmas Using a Free Pattern From KnittingandCrochet.net.

Whether or not you’re ready to get started on your Christmas crafting, you might want to grab this free crochet pattern for a Christmas wreath ornament.

If you can’t wait for Christmas, and you’ve already started making Christmas projects, you’ll be able to crank out zillions of these between now and December 25, 2017.

If you aren’t in the mood to get started on Christmas crafts yet, no worries — you can grab this pattern now, file it away in your pattern stash, and you’ll have it handy when you are ready to fire up and get going on your Christmas projects.

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, I think this is an ideal pattern to have on hand:

  • It’s quick.
  • It’s easy.
  • It doesn’t require much yarn.
  • If you used green yarn for any other projects lately, you may even be able to use up your green yarn scraps using this pattern.
  • This pattern is great for making ornaments for ornament swaps.
  • If you need items to sell at Christmas craft sales, try these. According to KnittingandCrochet.net’s terms of use, you’re allowed to sell the ornaments you make with this pattern.
  • You can personalize the decorations you put on the wreath — try adding charms, beads, sequins, buttons, bows, pompoms or embroidery. Or keep it simple and go with the decorations suggested in the pattern — whichever you prefer.

Happy Crafting!

Amy Solovay

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Pom Pom Craft Ideas

You're Invited to the Craft Yarn Council's Pom Pom Party! Read on for the Details Plus Lots of Fantastic Pom Pom Craft Ideas.
You’re Invited to the Craft Yarn Council’s Pom Pom Party! Read on for the Details Plus Lots of Fantastic Pom Pom Craft Ideas.

Guess what! The Craft Yarn Council is hosting a fun and creative pompom party today — September 5, 2017. As part of the festivities, we put together a list of fantastic pom pom craft ideas for you to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in finding fun pom pom craft ideas for kids or adults, you’re sure to find suitable tutorials, projects and patterns linked here on this page.

To create this list of free pom pom craft instructions, we first looked through hundreds of pages worth of pom pom projects on the Internet; then we picked the ones that we thought were absolutely the cutest, prettiest, most interesting and all-around best pom pom craft ideas to share with you. We hope you’ll enjoy the list and find it inspiring.

Learn How to Make a Pom Pom With Free Tutorials and Videos

Many of the pom pom craft ideas on this page begin with simple yarn pom poms. You can make these easily using free instructions posted online.

Learn How to Make a Pom Pom With the Clover Pom Pom Maker — This free video is posted at the Knitpicks website. If you need pom pom making supplies, Knitpicks sells yarn, pom pom makers and pom pom craft idea books plus a whole bunch of knitting and crochet supplies too.

DIY Pom Pom Toys

You can make some super cute children’s toys using yarn pom poms and a little creativity. Check out these fun patterns and instructions for DIY pom pom toys:

How to Make a Panda Bear Pom Pom — Want to make a panda pom pom using black and white yarn and a Pom Maker loom? Try this step-by-step tutorial.

How to Make a Bunny Pom Pom — This little bunny looks surprisingly realistic considering he’s made out of yarn. This page includes a free video and step-by-step tutorial teaching you how to make the bunny pom poms entirely out of yarn. You won’t need to hassle with sewing on plastic safety eyes or other pieces.

How to Make a Pom Pom Dog — Learn how to transform yarn into a cute little pom pom that looks just like a bichon frise dog. This page includes a free video and step-by-step photo tutorial that teaches you how to make a dog pom pom you can use as a toy or craft project embellishment.

How to Make Pom Pom Kittens — You can use a medium Doodle-Loom tool to make pom poms and then tranform them into cute toy kitties. In addition to yarn, you’ll need plastic eyes, glue and felt plus a Bucilla Doodle-Loom Tool Kit.

How to Make a Pom Pom Eye — If for some reason you need a disembodied eye made out of yarn (Halloween decorations, maybe?), these instructions for making an eye pom pom might be just what you need. This page includes a video and step-by-step photo tutorial.

Crochet Pom Pom Patterns

Crochet Edging With Little Pom Poms -- Photo and Free Pattern Are Courtesy of Michelle at the Heartfelt Company Blogspot
Crochet Edging With Little Pom Poms — Photo and Free Pattern Are Courtesy of Michelle at the Heartfelt Company Blogspot

Crochet Blanket Edging With Pom Poms — Want to find a cute crocheted edging that’s perfect for finishing off granny square afghans, baby blankets, fleece blankets or all kinds of other fun crochet and craft projects? If so, this edging is one you’ll want to take a look at.

Crochet Baby Hat With Pom Poms — If you’d like to crochet a one-color baby hat and then embellish it with a couple of cute pom poms and other embellishments, this is the pattern for you. The pattern is designed for babies ages 3-6 months old.

Pom Pom Décor

Pom Pom Topiary Craft Idea by Kara: Get the Free Instructions at the Petals to Picots Website.
Pom Pom Topiary Craft Idea by Kara: Get the Free Instructions at the Petals to Picots Website.

Pom Pom Topiary — Real potted plants are amazing, but what if you can’t have them? Perhaps you’re allergic. Your cat digs them up. Your dog knocks them over. Your apartment doesn’t have enough light for them to grow. You can’t be trusted to water them. Whatever the reason, this cute pom pom topiary could be an interesting substitute.

Where to Buy Pom Pom Makers

If you want to make bunches of pom poms, a good pom pom maker can help you make them look professional. This type of tool can also speed up the pom pom making process significantly. Here are some links to online shops that sell pom pom makers you might want to check out:

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Fond Memories of Fabric Collage

I have fond memories of fabric collage, because it was the first type of collage that I remember making as a child. I really wish I had been able to hold onto onto some of my earliest fabric collages; I remember them being quite colorful and creative, and I’d love to take another look at them.

The problem was that I did not use quality adhesive, or appropriate surfaces for creating the collage backgrounds. In most cases, I used either construction paper or white ruled notebook paper, plus ordinary glue. Even at the time, the collages turned out a bit lumpy and imperfect. But in the long run, they did not stand the test of time, and we parted with them long ago.

If you ever make your own fabric collages, I’m hoping you can learn from these mistakes, and avoid them.

Want to learn more about collage? If so, I invite you to check out our pages on the topic of making collage art:

Happy crafting!

Handmade Christmas and Holiday Gift Ideas

I realize that it’s only September, and that some of you may think it’s too early for posting Christmas gift ideas. However, crafters need an earlier start than most people do — because it takes more time to make your gifts than it takes to buy them. If you get started now, you have plenty of time to make handmade Christmas gifts for all the main players on your gift list this year.

We’ve collected a wide range of Christmas gift ideas and craft projects to inspire you, ranging from crocheted treasures to holiday cards. You’ll find free Christmas beading patterns, Christmas card making instructions, and a whole bunch of other free patterns and project instructions to make.

An Edible Christmas Arrangement Featuring Candy Canes
An Edible Christmas Arrangement Featuring Candy Canes
  • Pictured here: A Christmas Candy Cane Dispenser you can make using dollar store craft supplies.
  • Christmas Patterns – Find free knitting and crochet patterns for making a variety of different holiday gifts and decorations.
  • Crocheted Gift Sets – If you’d rather give a handmade gift that can be used year-around, these gift sets might be just what you’re looking for.
  • Don’t forget the giftwrap. You could try wrapping up your gifts in handmade baskets or gift pouches — or you can use this unusual idea for wrapping oddly-shaped gifts in paper giftwrap.

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Happy crafting!

Flower Arrangements Can Be More Frugal Than You’d Think

A Cheerful, Colorful Flower Arrangement Featuring a Sunflower
A Cheerful, Colorful Flower Arrangement Featuring a Sunflower

If you either

  • Grow your own flowers, or
  • Buy your flowers at the dollar store,

You can use them to create exceptionally frugal flower arrangements that are every bit as colorful and beautiful as the designs you’d buy from a florist. It takes a little creativity and ingenuity to bring them to life — but don’t worry, we have free instructions to share with you.

This pretty sunflower arrangement is made with a single silk flower stem. It’s easy to make, and doesn’t cost much at all, since the supplies for making it were purchased at the dollar store.

Someone with a bit more experience at flower arranging could use a real sunflower in this sort of design. The sunflowers are blooming right now, so if you have any growing in your garden or yard, be sure to take advantage of them.

Happy crafting!

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Learn How to Sew With Free Sewing Classes on Video

Learn How to Sew by Watching Free Sewing Classes
Learn How to Sew by Watching Free Sewing Classes

Do you want to learn how to sew? Or perhaps you already know how to sew, but you’re not as good at sewing as you want to be. Either way, this month is a great time to learn some new sewing skills. Creative Live is going to offer some of their sewing classes for free. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re advanced enough that you want to start your own sewing business, either way there are classes that are likely to interest you.

You’d usually have to pay a small fortune to get access to all these sewing classes — so if you want to learn some new sewing techniques you’ll want to head over to Creative Live and RSVP for the free broadcast of these classes ASAP.

Are You Ready for the Holiday Season This Year?

Holiday Crafts 2015
This photo collage shows bunches of different holiday craft projects. These projects are all current for Christmas 2015, and are ideal for Christmas gifts or decorating your own home for the holidays. Ideas include Christmas tree motifs, wreaths, Christmas blankets and more. These designs are all available as free craft patterns on the Internet.

The holiday season is coming up quickly. September is almost over, and next month is Halloween. Then the following month is Christmas, followed by the New Year.

Are you ready?

Now’s a great time to make a list of all the most important thinks you want to get done before the holiday rush. This is particularly important if you want to make holiday crafts. You can’t do everything, much as you might like to. Having the list prioritized on paper makes it so much easier to remember the most important things, and to not get sidetracked by less important stuff. Your list can also be a helpful motivator for accomplishing your most important goals.

So, what’s going to be on your list?

Our free holiday craft patterns and tutorials could help you with any of these worthy goals. You’re invited to load up on free patterns and instructions for any of the holiday (or other) craft projects we’ve posted.

Pictured Above:

Wishing you and yours the happiest, healthiest, most creative holiday season ever!


Amy Solovay

New Craft Giveaway! Free Crochet Books for Lucky Winners

Craft Giveaways! Win 2 Brand New Crochet Books.
Craft Giveaways! Win 2 Brand New Crochet Books.

Bunches of crochet and craft bloggers are hosting giveaways for these 2 spectacular new crochet pattern books. Click here to go to the first giveaway (enter by July 19, 2015.) Then make your way through the list of other bloggers to find even more chances to win!

So far there have only been several entries in the giveaway, so your odds of winning are excellent!

Crafting With Sunflower Motifs

A Sunflower Border Design for Embroidery
A Sunflower Border Design for Embroidery

Sunflowers are blooming at this time of year, providing us with beauty, healthy delicious treats to munch on, and lots of crafting inspiration.

Want to get busy crafting a new project featuring sunflowers? If so, I invite you to check out our brand new page of sunflower crafts: free instructions, free patterns, and free ideas.

Pictured here, I give you a sneak peek at one of the designs included on the page. It’s a vintage embroidery pattern for a sunflower border.

The page also includes links to free crochet sunflower patterns, a sunflower floral arrangement and more. I hope you’ll enjoy it.